Wednesday, 19 October 2011

SJI: FakeIndieLabel Poster Exhibition (2008)

I had almost forgotten I had this... FakeIndieLabel the local promoters and record label had an exhibition of their gig posters at The Newcastle Arts Centre a couple of years ago. I hadn't known anything about it and only popped in by chance to get some art supplies when the exhibition was on. It was pretty exciting to find that gigs that we had played at were part of this, and I popped back the next day to take some video footage. I didn't have much memory left, so it's a bit of a whistle-stop tour. I also think it was 2008, but am happy to be corrected.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

SJI: WOOSH Flexi, The Boy Who Crossed The Street (1989)

There's a Blog called I Wish I Was A Flexidisc that features, well, flexidiscs and one of the ones available for download is SJI's The Boy Who Crossed The Street from 1989.

Here's the Blog:

and here's a link straight to the SJI page:
Hmm... on closer inspection, the link to the download is now dead. If there's a call for it, I'll upload it somewhere myself.

I'll get back to you.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

SJI: The Central, Gateshead. 9th October 2011.


01 - Theme From "Cheers" / Nickynack Guest House
02 - Eight For A Fiver
03 - Let's Wallow In Despair
04 - Thin
05 - Matty Cabbage House

g.w.lang (Gtr, Vox), Tony Bennett (Dr), Bing Bongo (B), Mark Oliver (Gtr), Andrea Woodyer (Sax).

Thanks to Puppy Fat for organizing this gig and for inviting us to play as part of the fringe events for the book launch about The Riverside. 

Don't forget, you can find out more about the Riverside book here, and here.

And that for just £2.99 you can buy a .pdf document of the complete Riverside listings from here.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Upcoming gig - Sunday 9th October.

Puppy Fat + St. James Infirmary
The Central, Gateshead
Sunday 9th October 2011

As a tribute to the legendary Newcastle Riverside, the legendary Puppy Fat and the legendary SJI combine to recreate those heady days of yore. In legendary Riverside fashion, this could perhaps be considered a Not The Tusk Festival, as it's on at the same time. In fact, as we're Tusk ticketholders, SJI are going to have to leave the festival and upsticks across the river to bring rock to the kids. Sadly SJI weren't invited to play Tusk itself, which is a shame as our attempt at the entire Fleetwood Mac album would surely have been a highlight.

This is not one of the official Riverside book launch events, but I think the book will be available to buy at the gig.

More about the Riverside book here, and here.

For a mere £2.99 you can buy a .pdf document of the complete Riverside listings from here.