Sunday, 30 September 2012

SJI: Almanac 3.09

Almanac 3.09, from September 2012.

Available from Bandcamp with a "name your own price" deal.

01) Autumn Message
02) Am I Flipping?
03) Boy Junk
04) The Greatest Story Ever Told
05) Gary Lang's Dead
06) Spilled Milk
07) Be Kind To Frank
08) Memory Babe
09) The Walking Dead
10) Watching TV
11) Jill
12) Happy Families
13) Do The Solar Swivel
14) Oh No
15) Too Much Too Soon
16) We Could Be Giants
17) Untitled #1
18) Untitled #2

g.w.lang (Vocals, Guitars), Tony Bennett (Drums, Vocals).

All tracks by g.w.lang, except Happy Families & Too Much Too Soon by Handyside/Lang and Oh No by Cormack/Lang

Produced by Jimmy Buxton for Mario's Recording Services, Ashington, Northumberland.

Tracks 1-16 originally released as the cassette "Kiss This" (1986). Remastered for CD by Jimmy Buxton, September 2012.

Back Cover

SJI: Radio Northumberland Special - TONIGHT

Last Thursday, g.w.l, Andrea Woodyear, and Mark Oliver met up with Radio Northumberland DJ Jason Thompson to record an hour-long SJI special. It features ten tracks from the archives and general chit-chat. It airs for the first time tonight. Tune in here: 

It would also be great if you could take a second to visit and "Like" their Facebook page. 

Saturday, 29 September 2012

SJI: Adventures In Miasma

Sent to Almanac Subscribers with 3.08. One 28 minute long track.


01) Adventures in Miasma


Produced by Jimmy Buxton at Mario's Recording Services, Ashington, Northumberland.

Released on CDR, 2012.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

SJI: 84a5r Review - The Crack - September 2012

Dunno quite how I forgot to post this here, but Eight For A Fiver got reviewed in the latest issue of The Crack:

St James Infirmary 
Eight For A Fiver (Dibble Records)
Ashington based St James Infirmary are the local indie semi-legends who have been through more band members than The Fall. And chief ringmaster G.W. Lang is showing no signs of being jaded on this release which is a nicely frothy combination of The Ramones, Half Man Half Biscuit and Lawrence (of Denim and Go Kart Mozart fame). Great! DP
Out now


SJI: Interview for Radio Northumberland - 20th September 2012

There'll be more details soon, but SJI ventured beyond the city walls of Ashington and made it to Newbiggin in order to record an interview for Radio Northumberland.

It's going to be an hour long and feature 10 tracks plus chat. Thanks Jason Thompson for the invite!

If y'all get a second could you visit and "Like" their Facebook page?

SJI: Radio Newcastle 13th September 2012

Radio Newcastle interviewed the head of Dibble Records, Mr Keith Thompson about his roster of Northern misfits and Mr Wrist! himself (aka Ant Davison, aka Bing Bongo) talked at length about his new single That Football Song.

SJI were discussed and the track Thank You, I'm Sorry, But You're Not The One I've Been Waiting For was played. It's a fun interview, and you can check it out below.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

SJI: Eight For A Fiver - reviews and reaction

Is there anything more grimly onanistic than desperately searching on Google for people who might be talking about you? Possibly not, but nevertheless, that is the job and purpose of this blog- to document the ongoing travails of the ongoing, multi-decade, multi-media meta-project that is St. James Infirmary.

So it was that last night I set about searching for public response and reaction to Eight For A Fiver, our new single. Mostly what I found was links to this blog, but there were enough sparkly bits within the silt to keep me going.

Firstly, this review is from The Manifesto website:

You’re not the one I’ve been waiting for’ has a heartfelt and selfish lyrical ambience, as it describes a man’s pain of finding a women whom isn’t his dream, this accompanied with the hypnotic acoustics and sombre vocals, lets the listener identify with the track.  ‘EIght for a Fiver’ is a more uplifting record, the school children chatter at its beginning creates an innocent base with the Libertines esk instrumentals and a Morrissey sounding vocal, are chaperoned by a brass section at the latter end of the chorus to culminate a mesmerising  record with diversity.

Secondly, this review is by Ruth Lawson:

St. James Infirmary - Eight For A Fiver

PUNKY fun rock takes centre stage in Eight For A Fiver which plods along happily and shows that St James Infirmary aren't ones to take themselves too seriously.

The track examines the availability of eight cans of lager for pounds 5 and the impact it has on the community and that pretty much sums up what you can expect lyrically.

But instrumentally the group, which is the brainchild of singer-songwriter GW Lang, knock out powerful and precise beats that culminate in a catchy tune that would easily get a moshpit worked up.

You'll like this if you're a fan of: Buzzcocks

And then I found these. I don't know what personal charts are, if I'm honest, but they seem fun and there's some tracks I need to check out myself. Plus, you know, for probably the only time ever, SJI and Bob Dylan appear on the same chart:

Here's the first by Haven.

and another here by KingB.

King B's playlist is available on Spotify - check it out!

Thanks all!

Sunday, 2 September 2012

SJI: Almanac 3.08

Almanac 3.08, from August 2012.

Available from Bandcamp with a "Name Your Own Price" deal.

01 - The Lang Way Home
02 - Needle Of Death
03 - Tanpura Fool

All songs by g.w. lang, except Needle Of Death by Bert Jansch

g.w.lang, Mark Oliver, Tony Bennett.

Recorded by Jimmy Buxton for Mario's Recording Services.

SJI: Almanac 3.07

Almanac 3.07, from July 2012.

Available from Bandcamp with a "Name Your Own Price" deal.

01 - Children Of The North
02 - Don't Kiss Me Again
03 - Irn-Ferno Bru

All songs by g.w. lang

g.w.lang, Mark Oliver, Tony Bennett, Simon Foster, Andrea Woodyer and Bing Bongo.

Recorded by Jimmy Buxton for Mario's recording Services.