Sunday, 30 September 2012

SJI: Almanac 3.09

Almanac 3.09, from September 2012.

Available from Bandcamp with a "name your own price" deal.

01) Autumn Message
02) Am I Flipping?
03) Boy Junk
04) The Greatest Story Ever Told
05) Gary Lang's Dead
06) Spilled Milk
07) Be Kind To Frank
08) Memory Babe
09) The Walking Dead
10) Watching TV
11) Jill
12) Happy Families
13) Do The Solar Swivel
14) Oh No
15) Too Much Too Soon
16) We Could Be Giants
17) Untitled #1
18) Untitled #2

g.w.lang (Vocals, Guitars), Tony Bennett (Drums, Vocals).

All tracks by g.w.lang, except Happy Families & Too Much Too Soon by Handyside/Lang and Oh No by Cormack/Lang

Produced by Jimmy Buxton for Mario's Recording Services, Ashington, Northumberland.

Tracks 1-16 originally released as the cassette "Kiss This" (1986). Remastered for CD by Jimmy Buxton, September 2012.

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