Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Upcoming Gig - Woodhorn Lane Punk All-Dayer, 22nd March 2014

SJI's first live outing of what is shaping up to be a busy year is at the Woodhorn Lane Punk All-Dayer.
There are some great bands on the bill, and we're on early enough to not spoil anything.
This will be an acoustic set  and we're on at around half past two.

Events page HERE.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

SJI - Almanac 4.1

For the fourth time, St.James Infirmary provide the soundtrack to your year with the Almanac Series - a new cd every month of the year. They are in physical format for people on the mailing list, and are uploaded to Bandcamp a few days later for free download.

1) These Kids
2) Sabata, Rache Im Raum
3) Who Are All The Whos?
4) Untitled

g.w.lang, mark oliver, tony bennett, simon foster, andrea woodyer and bing bongo

All songs by gwl