Tuesday, 6 October 2015

SJI: Punk Rock (Saved My Best Friend's Life) 7" Single (1998)

SJI's single from 1998, digitised and uploaded to Bandcamp.

1) Punk Rock (Saved My Best Friend's Life)
2) Thanks A Bunch, Fat Boy

g.w.lang (Vocals, Guitar, Organ, Various), Guy Whitby (Drums)

Recorded by Gary J Brady, Escapade Recording Studios, Greenwich.

SJI: Hearing History 78rpm Recording Session. Discovery Museum, Newcastle. 29th March 2015

SJI had a great afternoon at The Discovery Museum taking part in their Hearing History workshop - doing some actual hands-on recording to wax cylinder and lathe-cut 78. It was such a privilege to get to use these historical work-horses, Kudos Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums, Newcastle University and Lathe Revival.

Recorded live to Presto Lathe-Cut 78.

1) The Pigeon Men
2) Darkness Room

g.w.lang (Guitar, Vocals), Mark Oliver (iPad app, Vocals)

Here's a neat mini-documentary of the event:

Hearing History from Lathe Revival on Vimeo.

SJI: Apocrypha #1 (2014)

Limited edition (8 copies) CDR. One 21 minute long track.

1) Apocrypha #1

g.w. lang

"Being the result of fake advert on Facebook, recorded when I got back in".

Recorded October 26th 2014.

SJI: Ten Little Records - The Woosh Collection (2015)

Jigsaw Records have compiled all (bar one) of the Woosh releases from the 1980s. St. James Infirmary are represented with the track The Boy Who Crossed The Street.

 1) Holidaymakers - Everyday
 2) The Nivens - Let Loose Of My Knee
 3) The Driscolls - Father's Name Is Dad
 4) Strawberry Story - Tell Me Now
 5) The Haywains - Bythesea Road
 6) The Haywains - Tobe's Gone West
 7) Holidaymakers - Cincinnati
 8) Holidaymakers - Seventh Valley Girl
 9) The Nivens - Yesterday
10) The Nivens - I Hope You'll Always Be My Friend
11) Esmerelda's Kite - Vampire Girl
12) The Pooh Sticks - Hard On Love
13) St. James Infirmary - The Boy Who Crossed The Street
14) The Sunflowers - Bubble Bus
15) The Nivens - Beautiful
16) The Nivens - The Necessity For Spastics In 20th Century Culture
17) The Nivens - Northumberland
18) The Nivens - I Love Me
19) Eye Pilgrims - Wall Of Sand
20) Choo Choo Train - Many Happy Returns

g.w.lang (Vocals, Guitar, Organ, Various), Tony Bennett (Drums)

Buy it here: Jigsaw Records
Or from Bandcamp

SJI: Artefacts, Sacred and Profane (Teaser Trailer)

A teaser trailer for the forthcoming studio album; Artefacts, Sacred and Profane.

SJI: Out Of The Trees X, Warkworth. 3rd January 2015.

We were delighted and honoured to be invited to open the proceedings at the tenth and final Out Of The Trees festival. It was an absolutely stellar line up and a great day out.

1) Game Of Soldiers
2) Eight For A Fiver
3) How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times And Live?
4) Anthem For The Squeezed Middle
5) Merry Christmas One and All
6) Good Afternoon and God Bless

g.w.lang (Guitar, Vocals), Mark Oliver (Guitar, Vocals)

SJI: Socialist Appeal XMAS (Revolutionary) Party - Ashington Bubbles. 15th December 2014

Setlist (Probable order)
1) Merry Christmas One and All
2) Game Of Soldiers
3) How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times And Live?

(Possibly Eight For A Fiver)

g.w.lang (Guitar, Vocals)