Saturday, 29 December 2012

SJI: Abbreviate

Abbreviate,  from September 2012.
Sent free to subscribers with Almanac 3.09

Ten miniature tracks composed on iPhone apps.

01) Fishtickbreath
02) It Wud Be Rude Not To
03) Mark Luvs Emma
04) Who Put This Thing In Here?
05) Fonecharga
06) Simon Luvs Carrie
07) Smellybellybutton
08) The Night Sky
09) A Nicer Slice Of Brie
10) Three Pints At Spoons


All tracks by g.w.lang

Produced by Jimmy Buxton for Mario's Recording Services, Ashington, Northumberland.

Friday, 28 December 2012

SJI: Almanac 3.11

Almanac 3.11, from November 2012.

1) A Game of Soldiers
2) Random Thoughts On the Possibility Of A Supreme Being
3) Five Major Ways To Soften Your Brain
4) Memories Of You
5) Untitled


Written by g.w.lang

Produced by Jimmy Buxton for Mario's Recording Services, Ashington, Northumberland.

Available from Bandcamp with a "name your own price" deal.

SJI: Almanac 3.10

Almanac 3.10, from October 2012.

1) Threnody for Voices and Fake Strings (35:21)


Written by g.w.lang

Produced by Jimmy Buxton for Mario's Recording Services, Ashington, Northumberland.

Available from Bandcamp with a "name your own price" deal.
Unfortunately, BandCamp restrictions dictate that it is cut in half:

Upcoming gig: Out Of The Trees festival, 29th December 2012

SJI's final run-out of the year is as part of the 8th annual Out Of The Trees festival, taking place in Warkworth, Northumberland. From their website:

Out of the Trees is an independent music festival that takes place annually in the small Northumbrian village of Warkworth.  It is the only alternative music festival in Northumberland and one of the most unique events on the North East music scene calendar.
This year’s Out of the Trees will take place on Saturday the 29th December 2012 and will be our eighth year.
The festival originally began in 2005 as a strange idea on a winter night and has gradually developed over the years to become a day-long festival that show-cases some of the most original musicians and artists from the North East and further afield.
All profits raised from this year’s event will be going to SPOWE Uganda, a grassroots charity that supports victims of AIDS and HIV.  You can read more about the incredible work of SPOWE here:

You can find all of the details about the event from the festival's website here.

Note: There are three venues, SJI's appearance will be at The Mason's Arms.

SJI: Kick Out The Jams on Koast Radio, 16th November 2012

SJI were guests of Nick Newcombe's excellent Kick Out the Jams show on Koast Radio with the brief of choosing tracks that had been influential in our musical development, or musical lives, or something. Whatever the brief actually was, we did our own thing in the end.

g.w.lang's choices:

John Cooper Clarke - Beasley Street     Listen
Squeeze - Up The Junction     Listen
The Specials - Friday Night and Saturday Morning     Listen
The Jam - Down At The Tube Station At Midnight     Listen
Jilted John - Jilted John     Listen

mark oliver's choices:

 Laurie Anderson - O Superman (For Massenet)     Listen
 The Jesus And Mary Chain - Never Understand     Listen
 American Music Club - Western Sky     Listen
 Belle and Sebastian - String Bean Jean     Listen
 The Horse Loom - Valley     I could only find one ropey sound quality version on YouTube, so:


More info about Kick Out The Jams HERE
More info about Koast Radio HERE.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

SJI: Morden Tower, Newcastle. 24th October 2012

Thanks to all who came out to spend an evening with us and our friends Cerys Atchison, Cinematic Submarine, Nev Clay, and Wrist! at the beautiful and venerable old venue The Morden Tower. We decided to split our contribution so that we ran through the evening like a stick of sour rock.

Links to YouTube Clips where available (thanks SmogDog!)

Set 1: The Organist Entertains
1 - Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone You Shouldn't've) [Shelley]
2 - Blue Spanish Eyes [Singleton / Snyder]
3 - As Time Goes By [Hupfeld]

g.w.lang (Organ)

Set 2:
1 - Next [Brel]  Video1  Video 2
2 - That Sick Rose  Video
3 - Thanks A Bunch, Fat Boy

g.w.lang (Accordian, Vocals), Bing Bongo (Vocals)

Set 3:
1 - Gang Of One  Video
2 - What Use Is Love?  Video
3 - Adjunct  Video
4 - Eight For A Fiver  Video

g.w.lang (Guitar, Autoharp, Keyboards, iPad Apps, Vocals), Tony Bennett (Drums), Bing Bongo (Bass, Vocals), Mark Oliver (Guitar, Autoharp, Vocals), Andrea Woodyer (Saxophone, iPad Apps, Vocals).

The previously announced Set 4 could not take place due to time constraints. It would have been a full-band take on That's It, It's Done, It's Over Now.

We had such a fun night, we may well do another some time soon. Watch this space.

The night garnered reviews. The first (with much potty-mouthed swearing) appeared on the noredindian Blog. Mr. Noredindian also posted a different video of our spirited romp through Jacque Brel's Next to the one provided by The SmogDog. Two videos of the same thing from two different angles. Imagine! If that much attention had been shown to President Kennedy in Dealey Plaza, there'd have been lot less fuss afterwards.

This was the second, by Rachel Brown on the KYEO.TV Blog:

Wrist!, St. James Infirmary, Nev Clay, Cinematic Submarine, Cerys Atchison @ Morden Tower, Newcastle (24.10.12) 
Words: Rachel Brown 

This bedroom-sized venue, hidden in the heart of the old town walls, is the stuff of legends, and tonight it provides a fitting backdrop to a blurry night of bizarre delights, brought to us by the self-proclaimed Rolling Stones of Ashington. First up is singer-songwriter Cerys Atchison, a velvet-voiced teenager whose efforts, though somewhat wispy and insubstantial, belie a nascent talent. With St James Infirmary’s first set comes the social club atmosphere which will prevail for the rest of the evening, as their pub-folk cabaret, Thanks A Lot, Fat Boy humour, and Smartprice lager get the crowd in swing. Stealing the show completely are Cinematic Submarine. With their frantic energy, breakneck temp changes, and uniform shorts that make it at times difficult to tell if this is a gig or a particularly manic PE lesson, it’s not unlike bring in the passenger seat of a car hurtling round a mountain road with the wind screaming in your ears. It’s to be hoped that rumours of their demise have been greatly exaggerated. SJI take the stage once more for a slightly more serious, musically-driven set, before the appearance of Nev Clay, who is tonight as charming and sweet-toned as ever, constantly interrupting his own songs with jokes, questions, and running commentary. Finally it’s the turn of the Marc Almond-esque vocals of oddball showman-with-a-capital-S, Wrist! Rattling through a set of tragic-comic ditties, and at one point employing a flipchart as accompaniment, he’s certainly not your average performer, but his mirth and sheer zest for life are infectious, and soon get the crowd in the palm of his hand, where they remain til the end.

Thanks all!

Monday, 22 October 2012

Upcoming Gig: Morden Tower, Newcastle. 24th October 2012

An Evening with st. james infirmary and Wrist! with special guests Nev Clay, Cerys Atchison, and Cinematic Submarine:

Approximate times as follows:

8.00 - the organist entertains
8.20 - Cerys Atchison
8.45 - st. james infirmary
9.05 - Cinematic Submarine
9.30 - st. james infirmary
9.50 - Nev Clay
10.10 - Wrist!
10.47 - st. james infirmary

Door price is £5.00 and there is no advance payment.

Please note, The Morden Tower is a tiny, one-room venue built in the old castle wall and therefore capacity is limited. You may choose to arrive early rather than risk disappointment.

Also, as The Morden Tower is a tiny, one-room venue built in the old castle wall with very limited capacity, there is no bar. Bring yer own booze / blue pop.

Thursday, 4 October 2012

SJI: Introducing... Radio Show (2012)

Thanks once again to Jason Thompson and Radio Northumberland for inviting us to take part in their Introducing... show.

Now that it has been aired, I can link to the archived version of the show on the genuinely amazing website.

01 - Eight For A Fiver
02 - Someone Took Bad At The Bingo Again
03 - Beneath The Blue Star
04 - What Use Is Love?
05 - Peace Of Mind
06 - Bears (For Richey)
07 - Adjunct
08 - A Hurt To Be Proud Of
09 - Back To The Barstool
10 - You Can't Make Somebody Love You

Interview Personnel:
g.w.lang, Mark Oliver, Andrea Woodyer

Sunday, 30 September 2012

SJI: Almanac 3.09

Almanac 3.09, from September 2012.

Available from Bandcamp with a "name your own price" deal.

01) Autumn Message
02) Am I Flipping?
03) Boy Junk
04) The Greatest Story Ever Told
05) Gary Lang's Dead
06) Spilled Milk
07) Be Kind To Frank
08) Memory Babe
09) The Walking Dead
10) Watching TV
11) Jill
12) Happy Families
13) Do The Solar Swivel
14) Oh No
15) Too Much Too Soon
16) We Could Be Giants
17) Untitled #1
18) Untitled #2

g.w.lang (Vocals, Guitars), Tony Bennett (Drums, Vocals).

All tracks by g.w.lang, except Happy Families & Too Much Too Soon by Handyside/Lang and Oh No by Cormack/Lang

Produced by Jimmy Buxton for Mario's Recording Services, Ashington, Northumberland.

Tracks 1-16 originally released as the cassette "Kiss This" (1986). Remastered for CD by Jimmy Buxton, September 2012.

Back Cover

SJI: Radio Northumberland Special - TONIGHT

Last Thursday, g.w.l, Andrea Woodyear, and Mark Oliver met up with Radio Northumberland DJ Jason Thompson to record an hour-long SJI special. It features ten tracks from the archives and general chit-chat. It airs for the first time tonight. Tune in here: 

It would also be great if you could take a second to visit and "Like" their Facebook page. 

Saturday, 29 September 2012

SJI: Adventures In Miasma

Sent to Almanac Subscribers with 3.08. One 28 minute long track.


01) Adventures in Miasma


Produced by Jimmy Buxton at Mario's Recording Services, Ashington, Northumberland.

Released on CDR, 2012.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

SJI: 84a5r Review - The Crack - September 2012

Dunno quite how I forgot to post this here, but Eight For A Fiver got reviewed in the latest issue of The Crack:

St James Infirmary 
Eight For A Fiver (Dibble Records)
Ashington based St James Infirmary are the local indie semi-legends who have been through more band members than The Fall. And chief ringmaster G.W. Lang is showing no signs of being jaded on this release which is a nicely frothy combination of The Ramones, Half Man Half Biscuit and Lawrence (of Denim and Go Kart Mozart fame). Great! DP
Out now


SJI: Interview for Radio Northumberland - 20th September 2012

There'll be more details soon, but SJI ventured beyond the city walls of Ashington and made it to Newbiggin in order to record an interview for Radio Northumberland.

It's going to be an hour long and feature 10 tracks plus chat. Thanks Jason Thompson for the invite!

If y'all get a second could you visit and "Like" their Facebook page?

SJI: Radio Newcastle 13th September 2012

Radio Newcastle interviewed the head of Dibble Records, Mr Keith Thompson about his roster of Northern misfits and Mr Wrist! himself (aka Ant Davison, aka Bing Bongo) talked at length about his new single That Football Song.

SJI were discussed and the track Thank You, I'm Sorry, But You're Not The One I've Been Waiting For was played. It's a fun interview, and you can check it out below.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

SJI: Eight For A Fiver - reviews and reaction

Is there anything more grimly onanistic than desperately searching on Google for people who might be talking about you? Possibly not, but nevertheless, that is the job and purpose of this blog- to document the ongoing travails of the ongoing, multi-decade, multi-media meta-project that is St. James Infirmary.

So it was that last night I set about searching for public response and reaction to Eight For A Fiver, our new single. Mostly what I found was links to this blog, but there were enough sparkly bits within the silt to keep me going.

Firstly, this review is from The Manifesto website:

You’re not the one I’ve been waiting for’ has a heartfelt and selfish lyrical ambience, as it describes a man’s pain of finding a women whom isn’t his dream, this accompanied with the hypnotic acoustics and sombre vocals, lets the listener identify with the track.  ‘EIght for a Fiver’ is a more uplifting record, the school children chatter at its beginning creates an innocent base with the Libertines esk instrumentals and a Morrissey sounding vocal, are chaperoned by a brass section at the latter end of the chorus to culminate a mesmerising  record with diversity.

Secondly, this review is by Ruth Lawson:

St. James Infirmary - Eight For A Fiver

PUNKY fun rock takes centre stage in Eight For A Fiver which plods along happily and shows that St James Infirmary aren't ones to take themselves too seriously.

The track examines the availability of eight cans of lager for pounds 5 and the impact it has on the community and that pretty much sums up what you can expect lyrically.

But instrumentally the group, which is the brainchild of singer-songwriter GW Lang, knock out powerful and precise beats that culminate in a catchy tune that would easily get a moshpit worked up.

You'll like this if you're a fan of: Buzzcocks

And then I found these. I don't know what personal charts are, if I'm honest, but they seem fun and there's some tracks I need to check out myself. Plus, you know, for probably the only time ever, SJI and Bob Dylan appear on the same chart:

Here's the first by Haven.

and another here by KingB.

King B's playlist is available on Spotify - check it out!

Thanks all!

Sunday, 2 September 2012

SJI: Almanac 3.08

Almanac 3.08, from August 2012.

Available from Bandcamp with a "Name Your Own Price" deal.

01 - The Lang Way Home
02 - Needle Of Death
03 - Tanpura Fool

All songs by g.w. lang, except Needle Of Death by Bert Jansch

g.w.lang, Mark Oliver, Tony Bennett.

Recorded by Jimmy Buxton for Mario's Recording Services.

SJI: Almanac 3.07

Almanac 3.07, from July 2012.

Available from Bandcamp with a "Name Your Own Price" deal.

01 - Children Of The North
02 - Don't Kiss Me Again
03 - Irn-Ferno Bru

All songs by g.w. lang

g.w.lang, Mark Oliver, Tony Bennett, Simon Foster, Andrea Woodyer and Bing Bongo.

Recorded by Jimmy Buxton for Mario's recording Services.

Friday, 31 August 2012

SJI: Cluny "Riverside Night" Photos

Thanks to Chris Moody for posting these terrific photos to Facebook. They were taken at the Cluny during the fundraising gig for the Riverside Movie.

Blogger only lets me upload so many at any one time, so there are a couple more here.

SJI: Almanac 3.06

Almanac Returns!

Picking up where it left off, Alamanac returns with 3.06.

Available from Bandcamp with a "Name Your Own Price" deal.

01 - Back To The Barstool
02 - What Use Is Twang
03 - Baby Doll

All songs by g.w. lang

g.w.lang, Mark Oliver, Tony Bennett, Simon Foster, Andrea Woodyer and Bing Bongo.

Recorded by Jimmy Buxton for Mario's recording Services.

Thursday, 30 August 2012

SJI: The Cluny, Newcastle. 29th August 2012.

Untitled Riverside Painting by Narbi Price

Okay this was something. For those of us of a certain age and geographical location, The Riverside music venue at Newcastle was THE place to see the bands that we loved. Yes, it was out of the way, and yes it was a converted warehouse, and yes, the walls did drip when it was full, but it was the Riverside, and we loved it.

There's going to be a movie about it:

But it turns out movies aren't made for free, out of goodwill and pixie-dust. So there's been fundraising drives:

And last night a fundraising event at The Cluny. SJI were very proud to be asked to play alongside Kathryn Williams, David Brewis, and Dubstar. It was great, it really was.

01 - Avuncular
02 - Nicky Knack Guest House
03 - Anthem For The Squeezed Middle
04 - Let's Wallow In Despair (Like We Did Last Summer)
05 - Thin
06 - Eight For A Fiver
07 - Matty Cabbage House

This set was notable for seeing the last run-out of several old favourites, several of which have been quietly taken to the vet  gone to live on a beautiful farm. Yes, good old Nicky Knack, faithful old Wallow, dear old Thin, even malleable old Matty Cabbage House (oh, how we abused her, but  she was a game girl: up for owt). All gone; gone the way of all things. What will we play when we next play out? Don't ask me!

g.w.lang (Gtr, Mandolin, Vox), Tony Bennett (Dr), Bing Bongo (B), Mark Oliver (Gtr), Simon Foster (Gtr), Andrea Woodyer (Sax).

Photos by Nick Newcombe: Cheers Nick!

SJI: RecFest, Ashington. 19th August 2012.

For the second year, SJI were pleased to play at Ashington's RecFest festival at the rugby ground.

Due to the inclement weather, and the potentially fatal consequences of playing electric guitars outdoors in the rain, the RecFest line-up and stage times were spontaneously rejigged to accommodate everybody playing inside the tent.


01 - Eight For A Fiver
02 - Anthem For The Squeezed Middle
03 - Let's Wallow In Despair (Like We Did Last Summer)
04 - Thin
05 - Matty Cabbage House

g.w.lang (Gtr, Vox), Tony Bennett (Dr), Bing Bongo (B), Mark Oliver (Gtr), Simon Foster (Gtr), Andrea Woodyer (Sax).

Broadcast live to the world on Koast Radio(!)

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

SJI: Annotation Orientation

For any new visitors to the blog, can I give a quick orientation session to what you can find here.
The purpose of this blog is to try to keep a track of the insane ongoing project that is St. James Infirmary.
In here you will find set lists, video links to YouTube and to free downloads on Bandcamp and Soundcloud. Have a look around, and say hi whydoncha?

Monday, 13 August 2012

Upcoming Gig: Ashington RecFest - Sunday 19th Augsut

Check out this beautiful poster by Paul Nelson of! He's done lots of glorious posters with us on, but I think this is his best yet. Edit: I'm informed that it wasn't by Paul - sorry Paul, and sorry actual artist!

So as you can see, it's a three-day music festival, at the knock-down, drag-em-out price of £5 per day (with accompanied U15s free!)

All the information in the world here.

SJI play at 5ish on the Sunday, but don't try to set your watch by that, these things slip and slide around.

You can probably buy our new single Eight For A Fiver there. Just saying is all.

Saturday, 11 August 2012

SJI: Eight For A Fiver Video + Review

Friends! Family! Rejoice, there is now a video for the soundtrack to your summer; the singalong number one smash that is Eight For A Fiver. Compiled by Dibble Records boss Keith Thompson it features SJI in concert and in the studio. What a treat!

Looks like a fancy studio don't it? It was! Help us pay for it by buying the single, either as a digital download from:

Or if there's any left, physical CD format from Dibble Records. There are only a hundred, so when they're gone, they're gone. If you think we'll just press up another batch, you don't know g.w.lang very well.

Thanks to Peter from The Northern Line for this very nice review:

“You get to heaven and it looks a bit like Pegswood!!!”
Now if you’ve ever been to Pegswood then you might understand what G.W. Lang (Gary to his friends) is on about. This is a lyric from a long forgotten tune that St James Infirmary released on tape back in 87 or 88. Yes folks this is no new band of whippersnappers. Gary and the gang have been putting out material for 27 years. And this, “Eight for a Fiver” is their latest release. A catchy ditty about how many cans you can get for £5 in Ashington, I presume. Its reminiscent of the stomping bashfullness of Half Man, Half Biscuit. Gary is like a Mark E Smith character keeping his band going year after year. Although I doubt he has been through as many band members or wives as Mark!!!
You may remember we featured St James Infirmary a while back. They release CDs on a regular basis and give them away to fans. This “Almanac” is a treasure trove of goodies. Get in touch and they’ll send you some. Because of their kind spirit I had no doubts about sending off my money for this their first official release in years. A two track single released on the “Dibble Records” label. As well as the mightily catchy “Eight for a Fiver” (check out the video below for proof and you’ll be singing the tune in your head all day!!) It also features “Thank-you, I’m sorry, but you’re not the one I’ve been waiting for”. Which sounds like a title Dave Gedge would come up with but is in fact a folky lullaby which reminded me of “Easy Pieces” period Lloyd Cole & the Commotions!!! Anyway check this lot out. In my research for this piece I discovered another song called “Still hate Thatcher” I’ve included a link to it below. Now there’s a sentiment we share here at The Northern Line…….

Thanks also to Nick Newcombe for playing it a few times on his radio show Kick Out The Jams on Koast Radio. Cheers Nick!

Thursday, 26 July 2012

SJI: Links Round-Up

Hokay, even though I try to make this the one-stop-shop for all things SJI, and try to pull everything together into this one place, we do have other homes on the web.

Like a great silent ghost-ship sailing the digital oceans, the creepy, desolate MySpace has an SJI presence. If you listen closely, you can hear the voices of the damned:

Facebook, that MySpace killer, has a clunky and un-navigatable SJI presence too (although they deleted all of my message-board posts, directly inspiring this blog, so thanks for that Facebook):

SJI has a Soundcloud account and aren't afraid to use it, come hither, come yon for songs galore:

SJI has another Soundcloud account which plays host to some more esoteric offerings:

The main home of Almanac downloads and others is Bandcamp:

Twitter? Why not. In the absence of any SJI Twitter presence, follow the components:
@SmokeyBarKid, @SimonFoster1978, @MarkOliver1968

There. A good job well done.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Single Release: 84a5r


Eight For A Fiver
Thank You, I'm Sorry, But You're Not The One I've Been Waiting For

Digital Download via iTunes NOW, Amazon, Spotify &c. to follow.

iTunes Link:

Limited Edition of 100 CDs on Dibble Records.

g.w.lang (gtr, vox, bass, apps, percussion), Tony Bennett (Dr, bk vox), Mark Oliver (Gtr, Bk Vox), Andrea Woodyer (Sax, Bk Vox).

Recorded Wednesday 4th July 2012 at Blast Recording, Newcastle.
Engineered by Thom Lewis
Produced by Jimmy Buxton for Mario's Recording Services

SJI: Gig Cancellation

We're sad to announce that we can't play at the Woodhorn Lane Music Festival this weekend due to band sickness.

There's only one of us is sick, but it's the one irreplaceable component in the slick and well-oiled machine that is St. James Infirmary. Them's the breaks. Watch out for us in August.

Monday, 16 July 2012

Upcoming Gig: Ashington Football Club, 21st July 2012.

Woodhorn Lane Music Festival (Ashington Football Club) - 20-22nd July.

SJI play on Saturday 21st at about 7:00.

More details hither.

SJI: Three Horse Shoes, Cramlington. 15th July 2012


01 - I Still Hate Thatcher
02 - NickyNack Guest House
03 - Anthem For The Squeezed Middle
04 - Eight For A Fiver
05 - Freebird (Snippet)
06 - See Monkey See, See Monkey Do
07 - Let's Wallow In Despair (Like We Did Last Summer)

g.w.lang (Gtr, Vox), Tony Bennett (Dr), Bing Bongo (B), Mark Oliver (Gtr), Simon Foster (Gtr), Andrea Woodyer (Sax).

Friday, 13 July 2012

Upcoming gig - Three Horse Shoes Beer and Music Festival, 13-15th July 2012

For the third year a-running SJI are thrilled to be included on the bill of the Three Horse Shoes Beer and Music Festival.

This is a great family day out, there's a really good play area for the kids, there's excellent pub-restaurant food if you want to sit down, hog roasts if you don't, a range of beers to try and a whole host of bands. And it's FREE!

SJI are due to perform on Sunday he 15th at 3:45, but these things slip and slide so come early and enjoy the day!

Sunday, 24 June 2012

SJI: All The News That's Fit To Print

There's a lot of stuff going on in the SJI camp at present, and while each of them deserves their own blog entry (and will get one, eventually), consider this a place-saver until I can do each of them justice.

After a hiatus last year due to several unavoidable and unignorable life events, Alamanac picks up where it left it off with numbers 3.6 and 3.7. These have already gone out in physical CDR format to those folks on the mailing list, but the rest of the world will have to wait a little bit until I can get them uploaded to Bandcamp. It will happen, watch this space. In the meantime, why not take the opportunity to catch up on what you missed by heading to Bandcamp.

Everyone's favourite anthem to the thirsty underclass will be released in the summer of 2012 on Dibble Records. Watch out for it on limited edition CD and unlimited edition digital download.
Read about Dibble Records here.

We are currently in negotiation with an excellent local record label to release a limited edition (100 copies) cassette of previously unreleased SJI tracks. More news to follow, hopefully!

Festival season is almost upon us, and SJI are pleased to have been invited to play at the following:

13th - 15th July 2012 - The Three Horse Shoes Beer and Music Festival.  FREE ENTRY

20th - 22nd July 2012 - Woodhorn Lane Music Festival. FREE ENTRY

17th - 19th August 2012 - RecFest Music Festival. £5 per day.

SJI: The Bridge Hotel, Newcastle. 23rd June 2012

We had a whale of a time at The Bridge Hotel last night, with three excellent local artistes: Girls Afraid, Trev Gibb, and The Gospel According to Jonathan Lee.

I'm not sure whether our set was videoed, so YouTubes may or may nor be forthcoming, At least some of the set was videoed, so YouTubes will be along in a bit. The above photo was posted to Twitter by @antmacari.


01 - D (E for Andrea)
02 - NickyNack Guest House
03 - Red Coo Coo
04 - Tapes
05 - Eight For A Fiver
06 - Anthem For The Squeezed Middle
07 - Matty Cabbage House

g.w.lang (Gtr, Vox, Cornet), Tony Bennett (Dr), Bing Bongo (B), Mark Oliver (Gtr), Andrea Woodyer (Sax).

Thanks to Ian Evans for putting this on and inviting us to play.


Mid-gig rest:

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Upcoming Gig: Saturday 23rd June 2012.

SJI's next public outing will be at The Bridge Hotel, Newcastle on the 23rd June.


More details here.

SJI: Star and Shadow, Newcastle. 4th June 2012.

After our early appearance at Hoult's Yard, SJI continues and ended their Jubilee Mini-Tour of Newcastle with a set at The Star And Shadow opening for the legendary R. Stevie Moore.

Setlist (Click to watch on YouTube):

01 - The Fence
02 - I'm Off The Team
03 - Beneath The Blue Star
04 - Notorious Cottage
05 - Northumbrian Psycho
06 - Dogs

g.w.lang (Keys, Vox), Dawn Furness (Vox), Matt Selman (Vox), Tony Bennett (Vox), Bing Bongo (Vox), Mark Oliver (Vox), Simon Foster (Vox), Andrea Woodyer (Sax, Vox) .

Video footage courtesy of Keith Thompson.

Northumbrian Psycho

SJI: Hoult's Yard, Newcastle. 4th June 2012

SJI began their Jubilee Mini-Tour of Newcastle with an early appearance at Hoult's Yard, opening for CUD.

Setlist (Click to watch on YouTube):

01 - Weel May The Keel Row / Nickynack Guest House
02 - Anthem For The Squeezed Middle
03 - Let's Wallow In Despair (Like We Did Last Summer)
04 - See Monkey See, See Monkey Do
05 - Thin
06 - Eight For A Fiver
07 - Matty Cabbage House

g.w.lang (Gtr, Vox), Tony Bennett (Dr), Bing Bongo (B), Mark Oliver (Gtr), Simon Foster (Gtr), Andrea Woodyer (Sax).

Video footage courtesy of Keith Thompson.

Photos by You Press Here:

Anthem For The Squeezed Middle

Monday, 21 May 2012

Upcoming gig(s): Monday 4th June

Ok! So SJI are playing twice(!) on the 4th June. We're starting the day at the extremely funky Hoult's Yard opening for Leeds' finest - the legendary CUD. This will be quite the do, starting in the afternoon with barbeques, DJs and acoustic sets before moving on to the main event in the evening.
More details Here.

We then skedaddle about a mile up the road to everyone's favourite independent volunteer-run venue The Star and Shadow Cinema, where we're thrilled to be opening for the godfather of DIY self-released music, and cover star of this month's WIRE: the magnificent R. Stevie Moore. More details Here.

Both of these are likely to be sell-outs, so get in early and buy your tickets in advance!

Sunday, 5 February 2012

SJI: Star and Shadow, Newcastle. 4th February 2012

SJI braved the snow and made it to the brilliant Star and Shadow in order to play on the Darren Hayman bill.

Setlist (Click to watch on YouTube):

01 - First On The Bill
02 - NickyNack Guest House
03 - Six And Two Threes
04 - Sea Monkey See, Sea Monkey Do
05 - Anthem For The Squeezed Middle
06 - 1848/1968
07 - The Pigeon Men
08 - Eight For A Fiver

g.w.lang (Gtr, Vox), Tony Bennett (Dr), Bing Bongo (B), Mark Oliver (Gtr), Simon Foster (Gtr), Andrea Woodyer (Sax).

Photos and video footage courtesy of Keith Thompson.

Six And Two Threes

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Upcoming gig: Saturday 4th February

Next gig, playing with Darren Hayman and Our Imaginary Friends.

Star and Shadow Cinema, Newcastle. Saturday 4th February 2012.

Details here, tickets from here.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

SJI: Music For Movements CD

St. James Infirmary feature on a new compilation cd called Music For Movements. The track is I'm Calling Out, recorded at Escapade Recording Studios, Greenwich in 2004. Engineered by the awesome and inimitable Gary Brady.

1 - No Fit State - No Borders
2 - Les Cox (Sportifs) - Omnia Mea Mecum Porto (demo version)
3 - Silver Fox - Listen Up
4 - St. James Infirmary - I'm Calling Out
5 - .end now - Tearplugs
6 - One Night Stand In North Dakota - That Takes Ovaries
7 - Milky Wimpshake - Chemical Spray
8 - Shrug - Cunning Man
9 - Winona Forever - My Life As A Vegan Cupcake
10 - Rexine - Wildness Wakes
11 - Pale Man Made - It Started In 1966
12 - Nev Clay - Dog On A String
13 - Fathoms - Vultures
14 - Casual Terrorists - I Will Die In My Sleep
15 - My Attorney - Chino Necker
16 - Greg Genre - For The Children
17 - Reckoner - When She Finds Home
18 - Future Loss - Falling In
19 - MJ Fitz - Get The Music

g.w.lang (guitar, vocals, various), Gary Brady (bass), Guy Whitby (drums, possible backing vocals), Joe Wilkes (guitar), Mark Oliver (backing vocals), Bing Bongo  (possible backing vocals).

Copies available for sale here. £5 + p&p.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

SJI: Anthem For The Squeezed Middle

New Song!

St. James Infirmary: Anthem For The Squeezed Middle


SJI: Star & Shadow, Newcastle. 10th December 2011.

Setlist (Click to watch on YouTube):

01 - The Song He Made Us Play (Here's Where I Belong)
02 - NickyNack Guest House
03 - Eight For A Fiver
04 - Let's Wallow In Despair (Like We Did Last Summer)
05 - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
06 - Thin
07 - Matty Cabbage House

g.w.lang (Gtr, Vox), Tony Bennett (Dr), Bing Bongo (B), Mark Oliver (Gtr), Simon Foster (Gtr), Andrea Woodyer (Sax).

Here's Where I Belong: