Thursday, 26 July 2012

SJI: Links Round-Up

Hokay, even though I try to make this the one-stop-shop for all things SJI, and try to pull everything together into this one place, we do have other homes on the web.

Like a great silent ghost-ship sailing the digital oceans, the creepy, desolate MySpace has an SJI presence. If you listen closely, you can hear the voices of the damned:

Facebook, that MySpace killer, has a clunky and un-navigatable SJI presence too (although they deleted all of my message-board posts, directly inspiring this blog, so thanks for that Facebook):

SJI has a Soundcloud account and aren't afraid to use it, come hither, come yon for songs galore:

SJI has another Soundcloud account which plays host to some more esoteric offerings:

The main home of Almanac downloads and others is Bandcamp:

Twitter? Why not. In the absence of any SJI Twitter presence, follow the components:
@SmokeyBarKid, @SimonFoster1978, @MarkOliver1968

There. A good job well done.

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