Saturday, 11 August 2012

SJI: Eight For A Fiver Video + Review

Friends! Family! Rejoice, there is now a video for the soundtrack to your summer; the singalong number one smash that is Eight For A Fiver. Compiled by Dibble Records boss Keith Thompson it features SJI in concert and in the studio. What a treat!

Looks like a fancy studio don't it? It was! Help us pay for it by buying the single, either as a digital download from:

Or if there's any left, physical CD format from Dibble Records. There are only a hundred, so when they're gone, they're gone. If you think we'll just press up another batch, you don't know g.w.lang very well.

Thanks to Peter from The Northern Line for this very nice review:

“You get to heaven and it looks a bit like Pegswood!!!”
Now if you’ve ever been to Pegswood then you might understand what G.W. Lang (Gary to his friends) is on about. This is a lyric from a long forgotten tune that St James Infirmary released on tape back in 87 or 88. Yes folks this is no new band of whippersnappers. Gary and the gang have been putting out material for 27 years. And this, “Eight for a Fiver” is their latest release. A catchy ditty about how many cans you can get for £5 in Ashington, I presume. Its reminiscent of the stomping bashfullness of Half Man, Half Biscuit. Gary is like a Mark E Smith character keeping his band going year after year. Although I doubt he has been through as many band members or wives as Mark!!!
You may remember we featured St James Infirmary a while back. They release CDs on a regular basis and give them away to fans. This “Almanac” is a treasure trove of goodies. Get in touch and they’ll send you some. Because of their kind spirit I had no doubts about sending off my money for this their first official release in years. A two track single released on the “Dibble Records” label. As well as the mightily catchy “Eight for a Fiver” (check out the video below for proof and you’ll be singing the tune in your head all day!!) It also features “Thank-you, I’m sorry, but you’re not the one I’ve been waiting for”. Which sounds like a title Dave Gedge would come up with but is in fact a folky lullaby which reminded me of “Easy Pieces” period Lloyd Cole & the Commotions!!! Anyway check this lot out. In my research for this piece I discovered another song called “Still hate Thatcher” I’ve included a link to it below. Now there’s a sentiment we share here at The Northern Line…….

Thanks also to Nick Newcombe for playing it a few times on his radio show Kick Out The Jams on Koast Radio. Cheers Nick!

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