Thursday, 30 August 2012

SJI: The Cluny, Newcastle. 29th August 2012.

Untitled Riverside Painting by Narbi Price

Okay this was something. For those of us of a certain age and geographical location, The Riverside music venue at Newcastle was THE place to see the bands that we loved. Yes, it was out of the way, and yes it was a converted warehouse, and yes, the walls did drip when it was full, but it was the Riverside, and we loved it.

There's going to be a movie about it:

But it turns out movies aren't made for free, out of goodwill and pixie-dust. So there's been fundraising drives:

And last night a fundraising event at The Cluny. SJI were very proud to be asked to play alongside Kathryn Williams, David Brewis, and Dubstar. It was great, it really was.

01 - Avuncular
02 - Nicky Knack Guest House
03 - Anthem For The Squeezed Middle
04 - Let's Wallow In Despair (Like We Did Last Summer)
05 - Thin
06 - Eight For A Fiver
07 - Matty Cabbage House

This set was notable for seeing the last run-out of several old favourites, several of which have been quietly taken to the vet  gone to live on a beautiful farm. Yes, good old Nicky Knack, faithful old Wallow, dear old Thin, even malleable old Matty Cabbage House (oh, how we abused her, but  she was a game girl: up for owt). All gone; gone the way of all things. What will we play when we next play out? Don't ask me!

g.w.lang (Gtr, Mandolin, Vox), Tony Bennett (Dr), Bing Bongo (B), Mark Oliver (Gtr), Simon Foster (Gtr), Andrea Woodyer (Sax).

Photos by Nick Newcombe: Cheers Nick!

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