Thursday, 30 August 2012

SJI: RecFest, Ashington. 19th August 2012.

For the second year, SJI were pleased to play at Ashington's RecFest festival at the rugby ground.

Due to the inclement weather, and the potentially fatal consequences of playing electric guitars outdoors in the rain, the RecFest line-up and stage times were spontaneously rejigged to accommodate everybody playing inside the tent.


01 - Eight For A Fiver
02 - Anthem For The Squeezed Middle
03 - Let's Wallow In Despair (Like We Did Last Summer)
04 - Thin
05 - Matty Cabbage House

g.w.lang (Gtr, Vox), Tony Bennett (Dr), Bing Bongo (B), Mark Oliver (Gtr), Simon Foster (Gtr), Andrea Woodyer (Sax).

Broadcast live to the world on Koast Radio(!)

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