Saturday, 16 June 2012

SJI: Hoult's Yard, Newcastle. 4th June 2012

SJI began their Jubilee Mini-Tour of Newcastle with an early appearance at Hoult's Yard, opening for CUD.

Setlist (Click to watch on YouTube):

01 - Weel May The Keel Row / Nickynack Guest House
02 - Anthem For The Squeezed Middle
03 - Let's Wallow In Despair (Like We Did Last Summer)
04 - See Monkey See, See Monkey Do
05 - Thin
06 - Eight For A Fiver
07 - Matty Cabbage House

g.w.lang (Gtr, Vox), Tony Bennett (Dr), Bing Bongo (B), Mark Oliver (Gtr), Simon Foster (Gtr), Andrea Woodyer (Sax).

Video footage courtesy of Keith Thompson.

Photos by You Press Here:

Anthem For The Squeezed Middle

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