Monday, 29 August 2011

SJI: A Sound Is A Sound (LP, 2008)

The Homemade LoFi Psych blog posted an SJI album for free download back in 2008. This album consists of improvised Psychedelic/Krautrock pieces that we conjured up during rehersals for the Distraction Weekender Cluny gig.

Considering these are live-to-minidisc (with only one or two overdubs here and there) the sound quality is really good. I also think that the quality of the actual music is pretty good, considering it was all made up on the spot. So yes, there are bum notes and wayward ideas, but if you can see past them, there's a good deal to enjoy here.
01 - A Sound Is A Sound
02 - Sun Sun Sun
03 - Three Cheers For Principal G.
04 - Benefit Bash For The Big Sur Fire Brigade
05 - It's A Blast
06 - The Tensing Curve
07 - Watch Out, You're Slipping Away
08 - Radical Adults Like Ice Cream Too
09 - Sumerdusk and Fallen
10 - Shankered

Get it for free from here:
St. James Infirmary - A Sound Is A Sound
The guy who runs the blog compiles Best-ofs, and he was kind enough to include one of our tracks (A Sound Is A Sound) on one of them:
V/A - New Kids On The Blog
g.w.lang (B, Vox, Loops, Misc), Tony Bennett (Dr), Mark Oliver (Gtr), Simon Foster (Gtr).

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