Saturday, 18 April 2015

SJI: The Rough With The Smooth Compilation Cassette (2014)

SJI were in some very good company on this excellent cassette release from Neen Records.

The Rough With The Smooth - A Glimpse Of Paradise Vol 1 (NEEN005)


Side 1
Molly Nilsson - All Children Are Going To Die 
Ravioli me Away - Cat Call 
Group Rhoda - Disappearing Ground 
The European - I Can't Stop 
Apostille - Don't Think 
Design A Wave - Haha 
Jaakko Eino Kalevi - Jah Rastafari Only Knows 

Side 2
White Night - Your Son 
Cousins (ft. Euros Childs) - In A Roll 
The Wharves - Renew! 
R. Stevie Moore & Keel Her - Wanna Be Your Lover 
Molly Nilsson - Lend Me Your Love 
The Rebel - Maureen 
St James Infirmary - Animate


Available from Bandcamp

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