Friday, 3 February 2017

SJI - Almanac 5.01 (2017)

Aaaand we're off!
Almanac returns for Volume 5 of the EP-every-month-for-year extravaganza.
Those on the Almanac distribution list get a CD in return for a donation towards ink, discs and postage, and some kind of feedback. These are limited editions of around 50 copies. Once physical copies are out it gets uploaded to Bandcamp for free streaming and download.

1) Oh Lord (Hear My Prayer)
2) Whilst Watching N.3
3) It'll Be All Right
4) Oh Lord (The Torments of Job)
5) Untitled

gw lang, mark oliver, tony bennett, simon foster & bing bongo.

All songs by gwl.

Recorded by Jimmy Buxton for Mario's Recording Services, Ashington, Northumberland.

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