Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Fret! Killing Nico EP (2016)

Fret! Killing Nico EP - Limited edition cassette (August 2016)

g.w.lang made a guest appearance on this cassette by the excellent Fret!

1) Killing Nico
2) Mexican Ting
3) Punch
4) Dark As A Dungeon

Tracks 1, 2 and 3 originally recorded, engineered and mastered by M.P Wood at The Soundroom, Gateshead (UK) on 26 June 2015. Additional mixing / mastering on 26 April 2016 

Track 4 recorded live at First Avenue, Newcastle upon Tyne (UK) on 2 December 2015. Arranged by G.W. Lang. Additional production by Jimmy Buxton at Mario's Recording Services, Ashington, Northumberland (UK), February - April 2016. Originally written by Merle Travis 1946. Inspired by Wall Of Voodoo 1985

released August 2, 2016 

Fret! on this recording are: 

Rob Woodcock - flails 
Cath Tyler - thrum / la 
Steve Strode - twang 
G.W. Lang - fauxbrass / harmonium 

Artwork by Tom McCarthaigh 

Design by James Watts 

g.w.lang appears courtesy of Mario's Recording Services of Ashington, Northumberland.

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