Tuesday, 3 January 2017

SJI: All That Is Solid Melts Into Air (2016)

All That Is Solid Melts Into Air - Limited Edition CDR (2016)

1) Whisht
2) Scar
3) Whistler
4) This Agitated World
5) Signals
6) (It's A Matter Of) Time
7) Wall
8) Overweight
9) Age
10) Stat
11) All That Is Solid

g.w.lang (Guitar, Vocals, Keyboards, Electronics)

All songs by gwl. Recorded by Jimmy Buxton for Mario's Recording Services, Ashington, Northumberland.

Review by Lee Fisher, NARC Magazine:

"Northumberland musician and brutalist visionary G W Lang has been making music as St James Infirmary for decades now (there are releases listed on Discogs as far back as 1989 at least). Sometimes the recordings are the work of Lang alone, beavering away in his Ashington bunker, sometimes it involves regular collaborator Mark Oliver, sometimes a revolving cast of guests, including notable local musicians like Cath & Phil Tyler. SJI have a blog here, and various self-released projects are available. No one SJI release is the same (a recent highlight was Awaken / You Are Forsaken!!!, a brilliantly bewildering extended acid jam that had more than a little of Father Yod & The Source Family about it). The latest SJI release, All That Is Solid Melts Into Air, just out, is a gem – 11 tracks that veer from the wonky shuffle of This Agitated World to the plaintive Eno-sque ballad Wall to the epic, almost motorik title track. Lang played everything on this one, which is amazing in itself, but without songs it would just be a vanity project. Luckily, Lang has plenty of great songs. St. James Infirmary is like Northumberland’s Guided By Voices or Jandek or something, and fully deserves your attention."

Lee Fisher is also worthy of your attention.

Inner photo by Craig Puranen Wilson

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